How to Install NPM Packages Written in CoffeeScript from a Git Repo

NOTE: Eventually it lead me to create

IDEA: Use npm install script with value same as prepublish, but this would have to be changed before publishing to registry.

It is said to be an anti-pattern


An issue by isaacs run prepublish for git url packages

Installing it from a directory (../package/) runs prepublish. WTF?

IDEA: Make a gitinstall gulp task, which will:

Would it be possible use .npmignore then?

The problem is that gulp is in dev-dependencies. So npm install has to be in install script, which seems a little strange.

Result: endless loop (npm install triggers install script; obviously).

NOTE: Installing from local directory triggers prepublish

Maybe installing from git should work like that:

  1. clone to tmp dir
  2. install from tmp dir
  3. remove tmp dir

This doesn't seem very hard to do.

TODO: Ask in #3055 is this good approach